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How To Control Your Mind?

Mind control is the key to success. You don’t have to get swept away by the initial trigger thought, but you can take back the controls and not succumb as long as they are reasonable for a person in that situation with their own limitations on what’s possible at any particular point in time.

So if you want to control your mind then follow these steps-

1. Be aware. Be prepared.

Negative thoughts happen to everyone, but they can be avoided with mental awareness. When you are aware of your negative thinking patterns the first thing that happens is an initial thought and then after it’s over what matters most is how we react from there on out in regards to whether those thoughts were positive or negative.

Awareness helps prevent stress because when one recognizes a trigger situation which could lead them down into anxious waiting periods before negativity arrives instead grab onto their mind right away by becoming mentally stronger themselves as opposed to being vulnerable prey waiting around helplessly hoping someone else will take care of us.

2. Fear is illogical.

I remember when I had my 14th-floor apartment shutters put up. The workmen were hanging from ropes on the side of the building, and there wasn’t anything below them except for ground, but they finished anyway.

I was walking my 85-pound Lab on a leash when one of the high flying workers freaked out. He wouldn’t step foot in our apartment or come near us because he is terrified by dogs! It taught me an important lesson; people can be incredibly brave in some aspects and illogically fearful others too fear makes no sense at all.

3. Erase and Replace.

You can always say that “Erase and replace” because it is known as a positive mantra to be always positive, It’s also helpful to have a replacement statement ready when you need it- one word at the most! You can choose from “stop,” “no,” or even go in your chant as well; repeat those words over again until they are strung together with ease onomatopoeically if preferred by the user.

The song from Frozen, “Let it go” can be your best friend in times of negativity. It’s a catchy tune that will make you want to release all the built-up frustration and anger inside! Use phrases like “I’m sorry,” or even better – use an empowering word such as power move so people know what they need to do next when there is tension between each other.

4. Name it.

Naming your negativity is the first step to breaking free from a dark cycle of negative thoughts. When you are stuck in this mental state, speak out loud or whisper and say “this behaviour.”

You will feel like it’s another person who has control over what they do with their lives. however, when naming something ethically distances yourself from its power as if cutting off all ties so there cannot be any influence on how we view ourselves anymore.

5. Do a reality check.

You can’t control the thoughts that are going through your head, but you do have a choice when it comes to how much weight those negative beliefs carry. Sometimes I give myself an affectionate pat on the face just so I remember what reality is: It’s beautiful.

And if we’re creative people like me who create our own intense movies in our minds with every bad dream or night terror imaginable, well then why stop there? Make them more realistic; make these creations come true by believing they will be now too.

6. Present Moment Mindfulness

Present Moment Mindfulness works instantly. When you are caught up in the negative whirlwind, recognize it and erase any thoughts that might be lurking around to take over your mind; then replace them with wholesome ones.

If one of those dark paths comes out from nowhere (or even if they were already there), don’t panic- just whisper “I am washing dishes” as loud as possible until Present Moment mindfulness returns so we can all live happily together again soon enough.

I feel my body relax with each breath. I’m not sure if this is how people normally feel, but when you are in the shower and let yourself go from head to toe it’s very calming for me. My favourite phrase from a meditation that was taught by one of our members at Life Zen Meditation Society was “Breathing In: Calmness Breathing Out -Ease.”

7. It’s your choice.

It’s your time to shine. You have a choice in how long the negativity stays with you, and it all starts right now- before anything has happened or gone wrong yet.

If we can remember this moment as our own personal turning point; if we know that by taking some small steps today towards being better tomorrow than ourselves TODAY then maybe things will work out after all.

All these possibilities are waiting for us just around every corner so don’t be afraid of exploring them because even though they may sometimes seem like too much hard work there might also turn into an amazing adventure worth remembering forever from where ever YOUR path takes YOU!

Benefits of Control On Your Mind

There are many advantages of control on mind but we listing here five measure benefits-

1. You will have less conflict

When you feel calmer, your natural resilience can help disengage from conflict. Little things don’t seem like such big problems and they appear as they are small inconveniences instead of major battles to fight or flee from.

It can be hard to say “no” sometimes. But, asking yourself if the task at hand is worth your time and energy will help with those difficult decisions about how best to spend your day or night!

2. You will sleep better

You know that feeling when you’re so afraid of the nightmares, but they still come anyway? Don’t give in to fear. Learn how to dismiss them and get back on track with your life instead of tossing restlessly through those last few hours before morning comes.

3. You will feel like a Super-Hero.

Mental strength is the ability to make sound decisions and overcome any difficult challenge. It’s not letting your mind go wild, it’s finding that light in yourself amidst all of the darkness so you can take control again; getting out there on track for success with a clear head thanks to having faced whatever came next without succumbing!

4. You will be the master of your mind

The “positive distraction method” is a natural way to fight off negativity and maintain your positivity. Your subconscious mind will automatically help you with this by pulling up memories that are more enjoyable, or focus on what’s most important in life: family members!

5. You will feel inner peace

When you have mental strength, that feeling of being in control and remaining calm when the storm comes means everything. It can be achieved with a clear mind ready for anything life throws at us- even if our boat starts rocking!

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Conclusions Of Control On Your Mind

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