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Bananas are one of the most consumed fruits in the world and typically contain 11 minerals, 6 vitamins with lots of fibre. It’s a great carbohydrate source that provides instant energy that lasts longer than usual when eaten.

The Dacca banana is a fruit that tastes sweet but not as much like an average variety. This type of berry has been found by many people to have some interesting health benefits, especially since it can be eaten any time without worrying about calories or sugar content!

Most people only know about traditional yellow bananas but very few have heard about red ones before now- what will happen if you try them out?

There are many different kinds of bananas out in the world, but have you ever tried red ones? Those that come from Dhaka and also go by the name “Dhaka Banana”. They’re less popular than regular yellow type fruit we all know so well- they taste sweet with a dark colour like berries or cherries; their aroma is similar to those too!

What is so great about a regular banana? A lot of people think they’re healthy, but according to nutritionists and health experts from around the world who study bananas in-depth; red fruit really does offer some amazing benefits. There are many ways that this little-known species can help you live longer!

Health Benefits Of Red Banana

Eating a diet rich in bananas can have several benefits.-

1. Helps In Weight Loss

This fruit has a lot of good things going for it. One whole red banana contains only 90 to 100 calories and will help you feel fuller, richer in both carbohydrates that can support your weight loss goals as well as fibre which helps with cravings by curbing them when we eat too much or even just binging on unhealthy foods!

A study has found that the Red Banana is a healthier alternative to other fruits. This fruit also contains more fibre and can keep you fuller for longer periods of time.

One red banana containing 90 calories with good carbohydrates like galactose which breaks down easily by your body without being absorbed as sugars or creating insulin spikes in response after eating regular type 2 diabetes-inducing glucose enriched foods (like white bread).

2. Eat Them Ripely

When it comes to bananas, the more you know Isabelle of all fruits that are completely red in colour and have an amazing aroma. These babies should only be eaten when they’re fully ripened-or else your end product will taste chalky or dry with no flavour at all!

3. Beneficial For Kidneys

Banana lovers rejoice! There’s a reason why the fruit is often associated with good luck and has been eaten for centuries.

Bananas are packed full of nutrition, not just potassium which helps control kidney stones but also contain other essential minerals such as magnesium that prevent heart disease or cancer cells from spreading to other parts within your body (which could lead you down an even more dangerous path).

The best part, You can enjoy this healthy treat guilt-free because they have no cholesterol – meaning no adding extra fat onto our already BMI-high world today by eating one too many red bananas each day.

4. Helps Quit Smoking

Red bananas can be helpful in controlling the consumption of nicotine. With its unique combination of magnesium and potassium, this happens.

As they are known to help cope up with withdrawal symptoms after quitting cigarettes/smoking weed or other smokeless drugs such as cannabis (marijuana). They provide you with instant energy that will give your body a sense of fulfilment too!

5. Improves Skin Quality

The red banana is a skin saviour. When applied as an elastic mask, this fruit helps to keep the pores clean and hydrated while it also cleanses the face of impurities that could otherwise lead to dryness or peeling in more sensitive areas like your T-zone area (forehead).

By having 75% water content along with antioxidants such as Vitamin C; regular consumption will not only moisturize but also nourish all parts from the top-down!

6. Blood Purifier

Red bananas are healthy and delicious! They contain Vitamin B-6 which helps in the transformation of tryptophan to serotonin. According to experts, those suffering from anaemia should consume 2 or 3 red bananas per day for their RBC count to improve significantly with nutrients.

7. Good For Hair

Red bananas are known for their anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce dandruff and promote hair growth. In cold seasons it is recommended to use them as a mask along with coconut oil or almond oil in order to moisturize your locks while adding more shine!

8. Cure Piles

The banana is a great way to get your digestive system moving again, so if you’re experiencing chronic constipation or have been told that the cause of piles is due to sluggish bowels.

This fruit may be able to help. Experts recommend eating one red banana after lunch every day and it should Promptly lead to digesting everything better than ever before!

9. Stress Buster

Red bananas are a healthy snack when you need something to calm your nerves. They contain potassium that helps regulate water balance in the body and also has an effect on how well our heartbeats go! Experts suggest that eating one red banana every day for feeling the best results.

A great way of reducing stress levels is by snacking on this delicious fruit: red banana extract contains serotonin which can help reduce anxiety or panic attacks because it affects mood through physical reactions like sweating, pupil dilation etc.

10. Good For Your Skin

There are many benefits to consuming or applying red bananas on the face externally. One way you can prepare an easy and effective mask is by mixing powdered oats, mashed banana with honey for 10 seconds in order to make a paste. Apply this mixture onto your skin let it dry then wash off when desired!

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